ubuntu is the core principle that drives growing up in africa. it's a south african word (bantu language) meaning the essence of being human, and it's something we can only achieve through interacting with other people. at growing up africa, ubuntu leads us to the realization that by standing up for africa's children, even though we are worlds apart, we can still make an extraordinary difference in their lives.

growing up africa, an organization described in section 501(c)(3) of the internal revenue code, was established to simplify the giving process with a focus to enriching children's early education across the african continent. it is our goal to develop aid and support sustainable programs, creating stimulating environments for africa’s children ages 3-6. there is nothing more important than education to ensure the advancement of a child’s life. we highlight healthcare and education issues with a focus on long term sustained support by working with: caregivers, volunteers, staff, school and community leaders and local government bodies.


we work diligently with the leaders of local communities and villages to build and equip pre-schools with: safe classrooms; necessary educational supplies; renewable food sources; and well-trained teachers. there is nothing more important than education to insure the advancement of a child’s life.

"you need others. but you need others for everything, really. in our part of the world, we have something called ubuntu. ubuntu. ubuntu. ubuntu. the essence of being human. we say a person is a person through other persons. i can't be human in isolation. i need you to be all you can be so that i can become me and all that i can be."
desmond tutu

note:to the extent that sufficient funds are received for any or more gift opportunities identified in the children's wish list, such excess funds will be applied by growing up africa to one or more other gift opportunities identified in the children's wish list and the operation of growing up africa.

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