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“with your help we can make a world of difference, even from a world away. together we can give dreams a new beginning.”
    – deborah terhune


at growing up africa, we believe it’s imperative to protect early education in africa while encouraging curiosity, learning and fun. through our children's wish list we have compiled pressing needs that will bring joy to children’s lives and prepare them for successful futures. from edible school gardens to teaching tools, we work to give dreams a new beginning.

the founder of growing up africa, deborah terhune, believes that it’s imperative to protect early education in africa. as a real estate development consultant, terhune has traveled and worked in africa for more than 20 years and has seen first-hand the challenges africa's children face. she believes that education is the most effective way to surmount the extreme poverty, the staggering unemployment, the hiv/aids epidemic and sub-standard education (in many areas no education at all). she was moved to make a difference. from here the transformation model was formed, giving children and communities opportunities that they would not have otherwise. for children and communities of need, we hold these rights to be absolute and universal:

  • to become life-long learners by educating and developing children at an early stage
  • to have better health
  • to create a legacy of knowledge for future generations
  • to fuel economies

this can all be achieved with long-term sustainable programs. building schools, one brick at a time, is not enough to make the change. providing resources and funding for long-term sustainability is critical to the success of all good intentions.




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